GameFi - the new gateway to Blockchain

With a stronger foothold, companies and firms now invest more and more to develop new blockchain-based projects, which is a kind of compounding of their investment. While the epidemic Covid-19 is around, people, the customers, stay home a lot. And the latest blockchain applicant to drive in more customers is GameFi - Play-to-Earn. People can now stay at home, play games all day, and still make a living. How wonderful is that? GameFi is a friendly Gateway to help people approach DeFi - one of the beauties of blockchain.
Many people throughout the world have adopted Play-to-earn games, and the number keeps increasing every day. The most famous Play-to-earn game at the moment is Axie Infinity. On June 8th, Sky Mavis reported that the daily active users were around 110.000. After 2 months, the number skyrocketed to more than 1 million, representing an increase of over 830%. Not just Axie Infinity, many other Play-to-Earn games are being adopted, giving people fast cash every day.
It’s been more than half a year since the Play-to-Earn trend started. People are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of GameFi. It would indicate an end for the low-quality games that only focus on quick cash grabs. People now have higher standards, from “play anything that can earn some money” to “enjoying time spent earning money”. Game projects now have to be well developed to earn and keep players around. It’s time for the actual war of Game Companies.