Our Mission

In our vision, Blockchains and Cryptocurrency are undoubtedly the future. But let’s take a look at the current market. The best-adopted application of Blockchain right now is DeFi. But in order to understand and use DeFi, people have to learn a lot, and most of the new knowledge is relatively challenging. Therefore, GameFi was born as an easier way to approach DeFi. More specifically, charming characters have replaced cold letters and numbers, gameplays have replaced protocols. The reality is that more and more people are joining the blockchains through an all-new, fascinating gateway: Games. Being the first generation to approach new technology, we are bound to the responsibility to help others join this wonderful world, where we truly own our assets.
Dogeon was built as a racing and breeding game. Throughout history, humankind has shown interest in breeding and racing many different types of animals. The latest Olympics still had Horse racing as one of the main events. But in the virtual gaming world, let’s create a more adorable but no less exciting kind of race: Dog racing. No need to argue, CUTE sells! Our beloved, cute best friends, the doggos, now join the race to win the tastiest sauces! Every doggo in Dogeon is a unique NFT, which can be traded among players. Every stable is also an NFT that brings benefits to owners. Every race brings rewards to participants. Find out more in our Gameplay detail here​
Learning from the former GameFi, we design our tokenomics perfectly. Every token has its own usages and values. With clear and transparent earning, distributing, and burning mechanisms, our token is not only deflation-free but also gives holders more and more benefits through time.