Adventure mode

Adventure might varies from 5-10 levels depending on each stable
Each level of Adventure mode contains a variety of small games, and your dogs need to achieve a certain level to be able to participate in higher levels.
In this game mode, you will directly control your dog to participate in the race.

How to play

Each level will have 6 dogs, including your dog and 5 AI dogs participating in the race. The higher the level, the more intelligent and challenging these AI dogs are for you to win!
There are 5 laps in each race before finally revealing a winner.
Players will need to control the dog during the race to overcome obstacles and earn buffs along the way run.
Stamina plays an essential role during the race. Stamina will decrease gradually as the dog runs, and when dogs run out of stamina, they will have to slow down to recover stamina to the minimum level required before continue running.
During the race, the dogs can use their skills to take advantage over their rivalries. Each skill has a different level of mana consumption. Although mana regenerates over time, players should manage to use the skill effectively to win the battle!
After completing a level, the player will be rewarded with tokens, consumable items, and even NFT items if they are lucky!
Each play in adventure mode will cost 1 energy.