Dog cards

Dog cards can be found and purchased on the marketplace.
A dog card can combine with other dog cards to create a new dog. There are two types of dog cards which are male and female. Along with gender, dog cards also have different rarities and breeds that will decide the feasibility of the combination. For clarification, the hybrid requires two dog cards of the opposite gender while having the same species. Dog cards that do not meet the requirement cannot make the combination happen. Once the combination successfully occurs, a newborn dog would come to say hello to the owner. However, dog cards used in the process will disappear from the inventory after being successfully combined.
Dog cards also have the same rarity and stats as dogs. When combining two dog cards, the new dog's stats will be random between the stats of the 2 parent cards. Thus, the possibility is that the new dog can possess the maximum stat equal to the highest of both dog cards.
Last modified 1yr ago